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1924 One hour Dress problem

About a month ago, I put together a tea dress out of an old sari using the 1924 version of the One hour Dress. I put the dress on to do drape and tack the skirt when I noticed that the blouse was hanging wrong, thus making the skirt section hang wrong. I angrily took it off and threw it in the stash. Now that I've cooled down, I pulled out the dress to look at it more objectively. I see now that it's a simple problem: it's hanging wrong because I gave it kimono sleeves. But, as the problem is simple, I'm afraid the solution may be complicated, and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Any of you that have this copy knows that the blouse is cut from one length of fabric, folded into quarters. I wanted a wide sleeve to best show off the gold selvedges and the pallu section, and also give the dress that flowy,relaxed feeling tea gowns have. The sleeve is about 20" around. When I put on the dress and leave my arms down, the bottom of the blouse looks like and inverted U, as the side seams drop down several inches. When I lift my arms up and make a T shape, the base of the blouse is straight. Cutting the blouse at the bottom won't work, because then it would be very evident in the design, which are rows of paisleys. Taking the blouse apart won't be a huge problem, as the bottom measurement is too large to fit me and I have to take in the sides. 

I'm wondering if there is something else that can be done, like putting in bust darts or doing something with the kimono sleeve to eliminate the hanging problem. Does anyone have advice?

I'm sorry I don't have pictures, but I hope that my description is good enough.

Edit: For clarification, this is not a pattern, but a guide to making simple dresses from 1924. The top or blouse part has the body and sleeves cut from the same piece of fabric.
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